hour at 1,500 rpms, which will push the boat at about 5 knots for a maximum range of over 1,300 miles. Of course, you can go faster for shorter distances or slower for slightly more range.
          As noted, the fuel filters and the manifold from the fuel tanks lie in the engine room which makes it simple to change filters regularly and to monitor fuel quality and flow. Changing tanks is accomplished with the turn of two valves.

BWS Thoughts
         The new SE series (which applies to the Caliber 47, 40 and 35) introduces many innovative and well thought out improvements to boats that have already proven themselves in the cruising fleet.
          The 47 LRC is a boat that can take her owners wherever their hearts desire in comfort and with speed. The boat will be simple to handle, reef and steer, will make good daily runs and will be secure at anchor.
          The systems aboard are of good quality and have been installed with the end user (and maintenance man) in mind. In many ways, the new SE series boats have been designed by cruisers for cruisers.
          The list of standard equipment on the 47 LRC is as complete as any in the business, including all sailing systems, a complete electronics package, top-end anchoring gear and much more. With very few additions you could step aboard your new Caliber 47 and set off straight over the horizon.--

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