boats are the addition of positive latches on all cabinets and drawers to prevent storage spaces from spilling their contents when the boat lurches over a wave. To improve ventilation and prevent mildew, cabinet and passageway doors are now louvered.
          Overhead hatches are vital for ventilation in the tropics but always present the problem of fitting screens to keep out insects. The new models now are fitted with slide-away screens and sunshades that fit neatly into unobtrusive overhead frames.   
redesigned galley will be a pleasure for gourmet cooks and has been laid out well for cooking at sea when things get a little bouncy.
          The heads, both forward and aft, offer large shower stalls that can be separated from the toilet compartment and thus shower water can be confined and drained away. For liveaboards, this is a very nice touch. The after shower stall also can double as a wet locker when sailing in damp conditions.
          The overall ambience of the 47 LRC SE series is commodious and pleasant. With both doors open to the aft stateroom, the boat feels large and airy. The saloon is a good size for passagemaking as there are plenty of handholds, and one can always find a place to brace a hip or thigh while working with both hands. Moreover, the saloon is not so large that you would get thrown across it if the boat lurches off a wave.
          The finish is in varnished teak and is to top yacht standards. Doors and drawers fit nicely and have high quality positive latches that will keep them in place. The vinyl overheads are trimmed with teak battens and teak ceilings (covering) can be added to trim out the inside of cabinets and open spaces. With all the improvements adopted with the new SE series, the 47 LRC ranks with the best for fit and finish.

Systems and Engineering
          The systems and engineering on a cruising boat are vital to the health, happiness and well-being of the crew. Lousy systems make for long periods in ports to make repairs. Great systems allow us the freedom to cruise in confidence and to spend time out sailing, gunkholing and exploring new lands instead of being shackled to the marina waiting for spare parts or a mechanic to show up.
          On the 47 LRC, nothing says more about the
The 47LRC SE has a warm teak interior that is indeed simple and elegant. The two easy chairs in the saloon are an option that replaces a bench settee.
         All through the boat additional spot lighting improves the ambience of the interior at night and benefits those trying to read or work in the galley.
         The galley has been reconfigured to provide more working space and better storage for daily supplies. A microwave is now standard equipment. Corian counters are an option. The fridge is huge and has been provided with additional insulation to reduce energy consumption. Airy and expansive, the

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