"smart" multistep regulator that uses the most efficient energy curve to fully top up the battery bank.
          Using the main engine to generate electricity is fine if you are underway but is a bad idea when hanging on the anchor in some lovely spot. Running a large diesel at low revs and thus below optimum temperature, as you do in an anchorage, puts a lot of unnecessary wear on the rings and cylinders; many a cruising diesel has had to be rebuilt early in its life for this simple reason.
technology as an alternative to AC systems as these small, energy-efficient units are becoming increasingly popular in the cruising fleet.
          Knowing that access to systems is as important as installing great systems to begin with, Caliber has come up with innovative solutions to make the bosun's life as easy as possible. As noted above, the engine room has good access from both sides and all fundamental systems can be serviced quite easily.
The genset sits under the cockpit aft of the engine and battery bank. To make servicing simple, the genset has been mounted on a sliding engine mount that can be used to haul it aft into the after cabin. Thus exposed, all servicing and repairs can be performed in the wide open. This is an innovation that really has the liveaboard cruiser in mind.
          On the 47 LRC an owner can have a Splendide washer/dryer mounted in the forward cabin where otherwise a wardrobe would be. This, too, can be mounted on rails so that the machine can be maintained and all fittings on the back of the device kept in trim.
          While many cruisers these days are installing watermakers, conservative seaman still like to carry as much water (and fuel) as is practical and possible. The 47 is equipped with tanks for 275 gallons of freshwater and an equal amount of fuel. If you have four people aboard, the water supply (a gallon per person per day) will last almost 70 days in a pinch and will be ample for cruising far off the beaten path.
          For world cruisers, it is good, if not necessary, to be able to motor for about 1,000 miles through the windless areas of the Doldrums-Panama to the Galápagos, Bali to Singapore and so forth. With an efficient propeller, the 75-horsepower diesel engine on the 47 will burn approximately 1.0 gallons an 
The generator is mounted on rails so it can be slid out into the aft cabin for repairs.
         For those living aboard, a generator makes a lot of sense. Caliber uses Northern Lights 5.5 kilowatt gensets aboard the 47 LRC. This is a reliable and easy-to-maintain generator that delivers AC power. You will find similar gensets on many top cruising boats as well as on workboats all over the world. While BWS has not conferred with Caliber on this point, you may want to explore 12-volt DC genset

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