Caliber 35 "Knotty ‘N’ Nice"

Newark, Delaware

Julio, a physician, has graduated to cruising yachts after learning to sail in a Laser, and taking part in a charter/sailing school on Chesapeake Bay. In "Knotty ‘N’ Nice", Julio sails the Eastern Shore from home port in

Chestertown, MD. He and Judith have plans to explore the entire New England coast aboard their Caliber during the next couple of years.

Long Search Over   

“After many, many months of an extensive search of boat shows and visiting area marinas in quest of the boat of our dreams, we finally found a 1993 Caliber 35 that had only 20 engine hours on it. Needless to say, it was in mint condition. And within our price range and sailing expertise, since we had learned to sail on a 34-footer. My wife has always said that she preferred the Caliber for its classic lines and reputation of strength, and I agreed. We decided we couldn’t wait to make a sailboat purchase, since every factor we’d been concerned about (price, size, quality, seaworthiness, comfort) had been met in this 1993 Caliber. We’ve been very pleased, and are eager for sailing season to arrive once again!” --Julio