Caliber 38 “Impulse”

Punta Gorda, Florida

Bob has a Ph D. in chemistry and spent many years working with solid propellant rockets in Huntsville, Alabama. You can literally say he is a “rocket scientist!” Bob and Inge sail on the Gulf of Mexico.

Rocket Scientist Chooses Caliber    

"For many years I was responsible for structural analysis of solid rocket motors and I have an appreciation of the strength properties of structures. After learning about Calibers, seeing one at the Miami show, and visiting the factory several times during her construction, I have great confidence in her soundness and seaworthiness. Under sail she is a very stiff and forgiving yacht, handling the gusty winds associated with Florida thunderstorms with aplomb! On our recent three-week cruise to the Florida Keys, she handled the choppy waters of Florida Bay in a most comfortable manner. After five years of cruising the Florida West Coast and the Keys, we like our Caliber more. If you can believe it’s possible, more than we did the day we took delivery of her. How many boats can you say that about!" --Bob