Caliber 38 “Shadow”

Oceanside, California

Jim and Kay are the owners of a company that manufacturers machines used in the assembly of high-tech microprocessors. Jim is a design engineer plus a graduate of the Westlawn School of Yacht Design. They have owned eight boats and have been sailing for thirty-four years. They made an extremely careful and methodical search before deciding upon the Caliber 38 to be there last dream boat before retirement and some extensive cruising. They had some

thorough requirements to be able to meet their expectations of what a perfect yacht should be.

Years of Searching Leads to Caliber    

"Our main criteria for our final dream boat were: strength of construction, ease of short-handed sailing, seaworthiness in heavy weather, and performance in light, moderate and heavy winds. During our many-year search we came upon the Caliber! After seeing her in more detail and visiting the factory for some very extensive inspections, we could see the pride that the factory personnel put went into every Caliber yacht, and the strength of construction methods Caliber uses. We were very impressed with the organization of the factory. Then the choice was easy! Now after owning her for awhile and doing some offshore sailing in heavy conditions, we are extremely pleased with our decision to purchase a Caliber 38. And we finally feel we have our ultimate boat on which to do some extensive long range cruising after our retirement." --Jim