Caliber 40 “Kehaulani”

Gersham, Oregon

Dr. John Harris, his wife Rochelle and family cruise in the Puget Sound area of Seattle. They both work full time and really enjoy the relaxing times cruising aboard Kehaulani.

1,700 Miles Logged First Season!   

“My family and I are proud owners of a new Caliber 40. Just in our first season we have sailed and motored our Caliber 40 more than 1,700 miles! We are very impressed with the sturdy construction, which was the main reason we chose to purchase a Caliber. We wanted a yacht to do some extensive offshore cruising in when time allows. I’m embarrassed to say that I recently ran hard aground at seven knots under power on a rock, due entirely to careless piloting. We pulled her to inspect damages and happily, we sustained only insignificant cosmetic damage! We are delighted with our Caliber in everyway. Now we are planning a voyage to Alaska, and eventually to Hawaii, where Rochelle grew up. We both feel very comfortable with the offshore capabilities of our yacht.” --John