Caliber 38 "Northern Exposure"

 Sitka, Alaska

While the Giradots live in Alaska, their Caliber 38 hails from Man-O-War Cay, Abacos, Bahamas. Dennis, the chief fiscal officer for the University of Alaska Southeast, and Cheryl, a math educator, make

 an annual trip to the Bahamas, where they spend the summer cruising extensively among the Islands. Since 1993 they have owned their yacht, "Northern Exposure", as partners with David and Jan Vidmar, who have been boating and sailing for more than 25 years.

Love at First Sight!    

"It was practically a fluke that we purchased a Caliber. We traveled all the way to Annapolis one year to attend the boat show and see as many boats as possible. After nearly three days checking out nearly every make of boat, we were ready to head back to Alaska with the information we had gathered and begin the search for a used boat that would meet our needs. As we were leaving, we passed by two Calibers on display near the exit. Caliber was just about the last boat we thought we would want to look over, primarily only because we had never heard of them before. So on a whim, we decided to board the Caliber 38.

It was absolutely love at first sight! The Caliber had everything we were looking for: good displacement and stability, a medium modified keel, a roomy cabin, and a beautiful design, strength of construction, seaworthiness. We ended up staying at the show another day and we revisited the Caliber display another five times. After our meeting with George McCreary we were confident the Caliber was the right boat for us. We know love our Caliber. After three sailing seasons in the Bahamas, we have grown to trust her and have never regretted our purchase decision. "Northern Exposure" rode out Hurricane Erin quite well, enduring sustained winds of 85 MPH, and gusts to 110. We expect to get many, many good years out of her." --Cheryl