Caliber 35 "Another Anne IV"

Annapolis, Maryland

The Geigers keep their Caliber 35 moored on Chesapeake Bay, and cruise to a number of interesting "local" destinations, such as Baltimore, Annapolis, and St. Michaels. Now that they are retired, they enjoy the flexibility to take day sails or longer voyages,

such as a recent trip down the Intracoastal Waterway to Beaufort, SC. A longer cruise south is planned in the near future.

Beauty and Function   

"We chose our Caliber for two main reasons -- it's seaworthiness and classic lines. Our recent trip on the ICW showed how right we were. Crossing the mouth of the Potomac and again the Neuse River, we ran into very large rollers and the Caliber handled them comfortably. Along the way we had several layovers as we waited to see which way the hurricanes would go. During these times, many of us sailors would visit each other’s boats, and we had many, many compliments on ours. It is a quality boat, both in handling and in looks. A note from my wife: "‘Anne’ has really become our second home. There’s plenty of storage space, the V-berth is large and extremely comfortable, the ice box is huge, and I have no problems ‘boatkeeping’ in my summer home. Both of us are proud of the appearance of the boat and it’s no problem keeping her shipshape at all times." In January, 1993 we were fortunate to be able to visit the Caliber company, meet the people and see "Anne" in two sections! We were very much impressed with the McCrearys, their personnel, and the efficiency, cleanliness and orderly manner in which our boat was being assembled. It was the start of a great relationship." --Fred