Caliber 40 “Compromise”

Annapolis, Maryland

T.O. is a flight engineer for American Airlines and Shirley is employed by a software management firm. Both have been sailing for many years and plan to do some extensive cruising during early retirement.

Flight Engineer Chooses Caliber   

"Since I work for an airline, it isn’t a problem for me to get on a plane at a moments notice and fly anywhere. So I took advantage of this during my decision-making process to purchase a sailing yacht. I would pop into the Caliber factory on many occasions, observing the construction of their yachts in process. During these frequent visits I became convinced of the structural integrity of the Caliber. I was always impressed with the organization of the plant and the attention to detail. After taking delivery of my Caliber, one day while sailing in Chesapeake Bay there was a very sudden mircoburst storm. We were sailing along in 15 knots of wind when suddenly it hit 50 knots with all sails up! During the next 3 minutes it took us on the ride of our life. My wife’s comment afterwards was, “That was the most fun I’ve had all summer!” Was I worried? Not at all. The thought of our Caliber not being able to handle this never even crossed my mind. It was great fun for me also!" --T.O.