Caliber 38 “Smiles”

Barrington, Rhode Island

Dick is a physician in Boston. His wife April is a former nurse turned homemaker. Both have extensive sailing backgrounds. They plan on doing some long range cruising down in the Bahamas and are hoping for a 

transatlantic passage when time allows. They needed a strong offshore yacht for their future dreams, but didn’t wantto sacrifice performance. That is why they chose the Caliber.

Bermuda Passage   

"Returning from Bermuda in June 1995, the weather took a turn for the worse. At 0200, a gale was developing as we reached NNW. The seas built to 15-18 feet with wind blown tops. We had five crew below and always two on watch. The crew below was always very comfortable, reading, sleeping, or nibbling away. We parted the seas effortlessly! After a full day of sailing under these tough conditions I could easily go below and sleep well knowing that our Caliber 38 was built to easily and comfortably take these kinds of conditions!" --Dick