Caliber 38 “Freelance”

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Brands are both in the television and movie business. They take off from their busy schedules each year from December to April to go cruising.

Three Day Gulf of Mexico Storm  

"We have gained confidence in the seaworthiness of our Caliber, in not just one incident, but many in the five years that we have spent getting to know her and preparing for our voyages to Guatemala and the Western Caribbean.

We have experienced both Hurricane Andrew and the Storm of the Century in the Bahamas. We spent three days last year battling the Gulf of Mexico in 10-12-foot seas during our trip to Mexico. We are most impressed with the strength of our Caliber. This combined with the large storage capacities make her an ideal yacht for serious offshore cruising.

Her sailing abilities have far exceeded our expectations. As a live-aboard cruisers we couldn’t ask for anything more! Maybe just a new Caliber 47LRC." --Darrell