Caliber 47 “Destination Unknown”

Seattle, Washington

Terry and Lisa both work in the high tech field of software development and design. Terry has taken an extended leave of absence to try and slow down and go cruising. He plans trips to Alaska and Hawaii and wanted a quality yacht that can take him offshore in complete confidence and safety. 

Built Like a Destroyer

"I purchased the prototype Caliber 47 because of the complete faith I had in George McCreary being able to deliver a yacht that would be of the highest quality like the other Caliber models.  After spending a month with my Caliber 47 during her shakedown testing, I got to know every detail of how she is constructed and this has given me tremendous confidence and faith in her to see me thru any kind of offshore conditions I may encounter. Right after delivery in Seattle I took a shakedown cruise to San Francisco. Here’s a quick overview.

We hit almost every type of weather possible! We motored for two day, went to weather for two days in 30+ knots of wind, and ran before 35+ knots of wind. The boat handled like a champion. She’s built like a destroyer! We got her dialed in to surfing in 8-10-foot swells and it was like riding on glass. Very comfortable motion!” --Terry