QUESTION: What are the advantages of heavy woven roving glass laminate construction as opposed to light weight high tech fabric construction?
ANSWER: For offshore sailing reliability, weight savings is not a top priority. A very solid heavy woven roving panel is a proven, time tested construction material.  Bending strength and stiffness go up dramatically with panel thickness. A heavy woven roving glass laminate forms a thicker panel which results in a stronger hull. Simply bang the hull of a LRC SEries yacht -- compare it to others. Common sense will tell you there is a difference in strength.

Heavy Woven Roving Glass Laminate Advantage

Knitted High Tech Fabrics vs. Caliber Heavy Duty Laminates
Results in a thinner, lighter laminate   Results in a thicker, heavier laminate
Apply Equal Weight
More flexing with a substantially lower breaking point   Less flexing with a substantially higher breaking point