QUESTION: Are there really four seals in the Quad-Seal Deck to Hull Systemô  just to attach the deck to the hull?
ANSWER: There are indeed four individual seals in this critical joint. This helps insure there are no leaks, even after the occasionally bumping by pilings and docks.  What's more, this seal is protected stem to stern by a replaceable rubrail. And for a final touch, it is capped off with a stainless steel striker.

Quad-Seal Deck to Hull Systemô

3rd Seal: Aluminum toerail is bedded using #5200 marine adhesive and then thru-bolted into place on six-inch centers with backing plates.


4th Seal: Rubrail is bedded with sealant directly over deck to hull joint from stem to stern.

Replaceable stainless steel striker/rubrail extends full length of hull for easy repair in case of damage.

1st Seal: Inward turning proven deck-to-hull flange mated together using #5200 marine sealant.

2nd Seal: Special flexible co-polymer tape around entire inside perimeter of inward turning hull flange.