QUESTION: How is it possible to combine both performance and seaworthiness into the same hull design?
ANSWER: The Caliber Performance Cruising Underbody™ does just that. It is a blending of two types of extreme hull designs to create a proven design that is safe, strong, and seaworthy.

Combining the Best Characteristics

High performance underbody creates speed but also lack of directional stability and quick, uncomfortable motions offshore.


Full Keel means control but at the sacrifice of performance, windward pointing ability, and maneuverability.

Proven combination of the two extreme types creates a hull that have these characteristics: high pointing ability, excellent directional stability, easy tacking (light wind), and high mobility during docking situations.

From “Ted Brewer Explains Sailboat Design” by Ted Brewer
               “In this regard, I must add that a fin keel yacht with a skeg hung rudder of adequate size can have all the directional stability of a full keel cruiser and yet be more quickly tacked or maneuvered when the necessity arises.”