QUESTION: What is the Water Tight Collision Bulkhead?
ANSWER: It is an important safety feature consisting of a vertical bulkhead extending from the bottom of the hull, near the forefoot, to the underside of the deck. On the Caliber 35LRC SEries it extends to the underside of the berth. It is 100% watertight and will help contain any seawater in case of damage to the bow.

Water Tight Collision Bulkhead

From “Safety Preparations for Cruising” by Jeremy R. Hood

              “The most likely cause for a vessel to sink is a collision, and the most likely area on the boat to be damaged is the bow. For this reason, many serious ocean-cruising yachts are built with a watertight bulkhead toward the bow. ”

From “Defining the Offshore Vessel” by Ocean Voyager magazine

               “Since damage and holing to sailboats most often occur in forward areas, resulting often from collisions with submerged or floating objects, a forward collision bulkhead is a good feature. [...] manufacturers of some fiberglass vessels are also beginning to mold in watertight bulkheads. This may be one of the most significant factors in what makes a vessel ready for an open-sea voyage for modern seafarers.”