QUESTION: What are the safety features of the Seaworthy Boarding Platform?
ANSWER: There are numerous safety features. For instance, a person can easily be recovered in a man overboard situation. Also, a flat stable platform allows one to board a dinghy safely at the proper level. In addition, swimming, showering, or scuba diving is both safe and convenient using the platform.

Seaworthy Boarding Platform

Key Features

1. Safe, quick, and easy recovery of man overboard. Swim ladder is designed to be self-deployed by swimmer in water.
2. Flat stable platform from which to board dinghy. Located at the proper height to step directly into dinghy safely.
3. Swimming, showering, or scuba diving is both safe and convenient.
4. Platform designed with faceted angles for strength. Plus, designed to block following seas (not a step-thru transom) for less chance of cockpit flooding.
5. Split backstays for backup reliability and makes platform access easier.
6. Stern pulpit seats for great comfort and out of the way safety and convenience.